About Us

We are on a MISSION to dramatically change the course of workplace believers! 

We're NOT coaches - we're much more than that!  Good coaches will help you put the action pieces together, they'll hold you accountable, and they'll cheer you on...and that's important stuff!   In fact, the most successful people in the world have a good coach! But if you don't have the right foundation in place...if you fail to see the bigger picture for your life in Living color...no amount of coaching will get where you really want to go...where God intends for you to go!  That's where we come in! 

We've packaged decades of experience in business building techniques into a manageable online course AND we're experts in paradigm shifts in AND out of the marketplace!  We'll help you connect all the dots for your existence in this world and we'll SHOW you how you can be EXTRAordinary in every way.

We are proven players.  We are leaders.  We are Influencers in and out of the market place. We're ready to help you get there too!

Are you ready?




 "The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord Almighty"  Haggai 2:8

If it all belongs to Him, why are we living as if it belongs to us?  Are you being a good Asset Manager?  How we perceive MONEY impacts every area of life!  It's time to BREAK THE CHAINS...for the love of God!