Hi, I'm Lynn

I help Living Larger students learn how to become EXTRAORDINARY people of INFLUENCE, how to brand their business to be A CUT ABOVE, how to SHARPEN their marketing skills, AND how to take life...in and out of business... to the next level!  I've trained THOUSANDS of people in my career!  Trust me, you CAN become an EXTRAORDINARY influencer by making just a few changes in how you PROMOTE YOURSELF!  I'm ready to teach you how!


Ready to Take Your LIFE to the Next Level?

Life is NEVER complicated when it's broken into bite-size pieces - if anybody can do that, I can! 

Step 1

You've heard of "How to Win Friends & Influence People" - but what does that look like in a virtual world?  The rules are different...the strategy is different...and you have to grab the attention of the masses without ever meeting eye-to-eye!  It ALL comes down to YOU learning the importance of being INFLUENTIAL in AND out of the workplace!  Once we've raised the barometer of your faith and you conquer Step 1, you'll get busy developing the right tools it takes to stand out from the crowd of millions of people so that you can begin to influence the world!  

Step 2

If you think it takes a lot to stand out from a crowd, just think about how much it takes to stand out in a cloud!  You need sharp tools, creative strategies, steps to brand you far and above everyone else out there!  It's a big job but it CAN be accomplished with a few "trade secrets," the right learning environment, a seasoned marketer/trainer, a little creativity, determination and a belief system wrapped around the importance of having a massive audience!  Whether for personal, spiritual or business purposes...Step 2 is a game changer for you!  

Step 3

Just like baking a cake, we need to mix together all that you've learned about influence along with the tools you began to develop in Step 2!

  It's implementation time! 

Whether you start with a social media campaign, a blog, a book, or all of the above, we'll be working together in Phase 3 make it happen!  It's one thing to be told what you need to do, it's another thing to be TAUGHT HOW TO DO IT!  


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