6-Figure Student Loans...Is It Predatory Lending?

More than 3.0 million student loan borrowers have student loan debt greater than $100,000, with approximately 800,000 of that total holding student loan debt greater than $200,000Sadly, many of them will be carrying the debt into their retirement if they don't learn how to manage and eliminate the debt.

How did it come to be that 6-figure loans are granted to people on a prayer and a promise?  Most of these people have no track record, no credit history, no income, and no guarantee of an income sufficient to pay off the debt in the future.  Is it predatory lending?  The definition of "Predatory" is seeking to exploit or oppress others - with that in mind, it's predatory alright!  

With the high cost of education, loans are a necessary evil these days.  The average student loan debt is almost $47,000 and they're known to go as high as $1 million.  The good news is that they payments are deferred until 6 months after...

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