Work From Home...Creating Home-Based Business Monsters!

Due to the Coronavirus scare (and the government guidelines set in motion to reduce the risk of broad exposure), thousands of employees have been given the "green light" to work from home; an option that otherwise has never been considered by most employers.   The question many of these employees will want to return to the office after seeing how easy it is to work from home? 

How many will become disgruntled when they have to go back to the office?

How many will fret over the commute they had the chance to avoid? 

We're creating Home-Based Business Monsters...and it's about time.

Lots of businesses are struggling through this pandemic, but that's not true for services/equipment that employees need to work efficiently from home.  Computer sales are up.  Wireless headset sales are up.  Audio/video devices sales are up for computers lacking the quality necessary to perform online meetings.  A "plug n play" environment calls...

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