The Economy Is Soaring...And So Is The Debt...Will That Be Cash or Charge For You?

 Unemployment is down, the stock market is soaring, and consumer confidence is stronger than ever before.  In fact, Americans are so confident in the economy (and that steady flow of “milk and honey”) they're living as if there's no end to it and they’re borrowing more money than ever before!   U.S. household (consumer) debt just reached $14 TRILLION for the first time in our history.  Sadly, with all that abundance flowing “we the people” are busy CHARGING instead of CASHING in.

It’s all that (over) confidence about an endless supply of money that is drawing people into the consumer debt trap and its overspending that will lead to disaster for millions of people with just one little mishap in life.  A change in the housing market…a cash flow crunch…a lost job…a death or divorce…illness…so many things can lead to financial disaster unexpectedly and it’s only a matter of time...

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 "The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord Almighty"  Haggai 2:8

If it all belongs to Him, why are we living as if it belongs to us?  Are you being a good Asset Manager?  How we perceive MONEY impacts every area of life!  It's time to BREAK THE CHAINS...for the love of God!