Are The Airbnb Walls Tumbling Down?

According to Reuters, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky predicted that the company's business will bounce back after the pandemic, but that's more than we can say for many of the Airbnb property owners; everyday folks who chased the Airbnb dream by leveraging life savings and primary residences to get there.  Many of them won't have the stay-power to hold out for brighter days, and many of them will be faced with foreclosure because of it.  For them, the Airbnb walls ARE tumbling down.

The Airbnb-bug caught on in 2008 and the company was targeted to go public in 2020.  It's a brilliant concept, your home away from home while traveling; the first choice for many travelers not keen on cookie-cutter hotel rooms.  As the demand for properties grew, more and more people jumped into the Airbnb business.  Unfortunately now many of them will be forced to bail out.


The Wall Street Journal:  "For example, Cheryl Dopp earned more than $8,000 per month...

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