Money Drives Decisions

"IF only I could afford it" doesn't have a place in the vocabulary of an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs understand that you really do need to spend money to make money and they'll "find" the money for all those things they need to grow a business.  Entrepreneurs are in control of their own income, so when they see the value of whatever it is - from attending a convention to purchasing a tool - they set out to earn it instead of saying "if only I could afford it".  

As we busy ourselves to introduce the world to whatever product or service we represent, it gets old hearing "if only I could afford it."  Sometimes that's a legitimate excuse, but most of the time it comes down to just two things.  Either they haven't seen the value of your product or service yet OR they don't have any room on a credit card or savings in the bank to make it happen.  Long gone are the "mattress money" days where people always had a small stash of cash set...

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