What's The Lifespan Of Your Social Media?

Social media is a tremendous tool for building a global business but it takes a little strategy to make it work for you.  Understanding the impact of your social media efforts is the segway to making changes to enhance your success.

The longevity stats for your efforts can be discouraging at first glance. 

Take a look...

Twitter has a lifespan of roughly 18 minutes

Facebook visibility to be about 8 hours

An Instagram post will show up well for almost 24 hours

YouTube videos last 20+ days

A Pinterest post is valid for about 4 months

A blog post lasts for about 2 years

With longevity in mind, it's important to understand the in's and out's of social media so that you can dramatically expand the lifespan of your efforts! 

For instance, with a strong audience (following) your Facebook post visibility can grow from just a matter of hours to months...and sometimes years depending on the relevancy and impact of your message.  To make Facebook work for you you'll need...

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How Many Souls On Board?

Did you know that the Aviation Industry refers to "souls" when providing a headcount in the event of an emergency?  No more first-class, business class, or coach.  No more flight crew or passengers.  When it gets down to a life or death situation everybody is counted as an individual soul.  Everybody is on equal ground.  Everybody is of equal value. Don't' you wish we looked at life like that every day?

Just a few days ago legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant was tragically killed in a helicopter crash not too far from his home in California and the world is morning the loss.  It didn't take long for sports fans to gather together for a vigil;  leaving gifts like jerseys,  flowers, and cards in honor of Kobe Bryant. But Kobe wasn't the only soul on board the helicopter that day - there were nine souls on board... and at the end-of-the-day, each soul counts just the same.

When it comes to life, faith, and business there will always be...

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Are You Ready to Build Your Own Brand?

It's been more than 20 years since Tom Peters wrote The Brand Called You.  Unfortunatelythe concept of branding is still foreign to most entrepreneurs...until NOW.

Regardless of age, position, or the business we happen to be in, we All need to understand the importance of branding! 

What sense does it make to focus solely on the product/service/company we represent? 

What if the product or service goes away?

What if we decide to switch to another product or service to market?

It's not as simple as printing new business cards!  

Unless you brand as an expert in your field - a trustworthy advisor - an extraordinary person of influence - you don't have to start ALL OVER AGAIN if/when you switch gears because you've spent all of your time and energy pitching the providers and not promoting yourself!

If we're not in the manufacturing business - we aren't the product.  If we're not the creator of the services we're selling - we aren't the service...

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The Power of One

"It only takes a spark to get a fire going" - the right message from the right person can change the world!  That's the Power of One and the importance of INFLUENCE!

What IF you could influence one person into your life and then you mentor them into influencing one of their own? 

What if that could be duplicated...let's say one new person per month? 

What if we each new person you influence into your world also influenced just ONE new person a month into their world too?

In one year's time you...your power of one...would have influenced over 2,000 people!

What would your life look like with 2,000 new people? 

What would your business look like with 2,000 new people?

What would the Kingdom look like with 2,000 more believers?

Stop complicating your life, your ministry, and your business!  Focus on just ONE...and then mentor each ONE to INFLUENCE one new person a month!

And that's the POWER OF ONE!

Never underestimate the importance of INFLUENCE!



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Should You Use Facebook Live For Business? Maybe...Maybe Not!

Facebook Live is often a top choice for brands wanting to increase their engagement - and it doesn’t take a great deal of expertise to pull off.  But it isn't for everybody and it isn't worth the time IF you don't understand the focus behind the film.

Truth be told, any video feed can be useful in building your brand online - the key is to compel your views to interact...not just view and comment.  Whether it's a live stream or a pre-recorded video, the ultimate goal should always be to ENGAGE your audience...in more ways than one!

We like to believe that the audience is ENGAGED just by what we're sharing; while good content should be a priority for all video feeds, the opportunity most Facebook Live users miss is the opportunity to ENGAGE the audience in REAL-TIME.  

There are some serious pitfalls to be aware of, and falling into these could seriously harm your brand.

If you want to successfully launch a Facebook Live campaign, here are a few things to...

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Let Your Pain Be Your Gain!

"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy." - Psalm 126:5

It's not easy to keep moving when you're in pain...not physical OR emotional pain! The worst kind of pain for workplace believers is emotional pain because it has the potential to numb you...the kind of numb that halts your progress and the kind of numb that can test your faith if you let it.

Psalm 126:5 tells us that there is ONLY ONE solution for overcoming the pain that results in joy, and that is to keep sowing ESPECIALLY in the midst of the pain.  That's not possible if we live by "feelings" - it takes pure will and raw faith to pull that off!   

I learned this principle the hard way when I was walking through the darkest time in my life.  I lost my way, I lost my hope,  and I even lost my will to live.  The Bible says "hope deferred makes the heart sick" and my heart was very sick.  In the middle of that dark season, I stepped into a volunteer role so that I could "help"...

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Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." - 1 Corinthians 15:58

There is a paradigm shift going in the workplace today...a least there is a remnant of Believers that are raising the barometer of Faith throughout their work. 

That paradigm shift is a focus on using our business and work life as a platform for ministry versus a vehicle solely for financial gain.

It's exciting to see a remnant of workplace believers throughout the world who understand that the workplace is a platform to reflect Christ fully through their work.

It's easy to spot the commitment of this remnant because they are using their resources (and skills) to provide EXTRAORDINARY services with the primary motive being to INFLUENCE people toward Jesus Christ.  We are ambassadors!

The difference between Christians in the workplace and Christians raising the barometer...

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If we could just remember that life begins with "dust" and ends with "dust," while the soul goes rushing off to the One who gave it, death sure would be a lot easier to handle. It's odd how we cling to this life with everything we've got, as if this life is where we find our rewards and our Joy. It's sad how we hold on to the ones that have gone before us as if it's "unfair" that their spirit went rushing into the arms of Jesus before we were ready to let go. Some people spend the rest of their lives memorializing a loved one that departed sooner than they expected...but when the spirit goes rushing off to the One who knew them BEFORE they were ever born, it's a beautiful thing to Celebrate and not a "curse" to talk about until we return to dust. Returning to "dust" is hard on the ones left behind, that's for sure...but the minute the dust settles the spirit of the one we mourn is already in the arms of Jesus to live for all eternity. Only God knows when the day comes that He'll...

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"Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank."  

When we sharpen our skills it's impossible not to become a person of excellence! People of excellence aren't necessarily the most accomplished people or the wealthiest (although most of the time they are), but they ARE the most Influential people you know! 

It takes being a person of influence to have any impact in the world...in OR out of the workplace!

I used to tell my kids to "be the kind of person WORTHY of the kind of person you want to spend your life with."  In other words, if you want to influence a person of excellence in your direction then you need to become what you want to surround yourself with!

If you want to be successful in ANY area of life, first you have to work on you!  Sharpening your skills and raising your belief system will take you places you never dreamed you go!

Influential people attract good people and...

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