You've Got To Spin to Win!

When Branding Takes on New life

Seasoned marketers understand the importance of “the spin” and they never stop looking for new ones.  What is the spin?  It’s that place where the sizzle is found…it’s that thing that can set one business apart from another. It’s that unique approach to a product or service that can ignite a business overnight. 

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of the spin for their own business, so they never learn how to put a spin on their product or service to the ones they’re selling to.  Usually, that’s because the entrepreneur is so bedazzled over their own product, service, or industry, they believe those things stand on their own and that everybody else will be bedazzled too!  But nothing stands on its own and not everybody who buys gets bedazzled.

Without a spin, entrepreneurs find themselves pushing again the flow and working harder than they need to work.  Having a one-size-fits-all sales strategy is self-limiting, it’s too narrow, and it’s a long and grueling path to success.  Without a spin, it’s impossible to brand, and the entrepreneur will get lost in a sea of other entrepreneurs doing the same thing instead of standing out from all the others…which should be the goal for all business-minded people.  When entrepreneurs overlook the importance of the spin in their own business, they sure aren’t likely to introduce a spin to others.  It’s the spin that closes the sale in the B2B world.

Living Larger Spins Products 

Living Larger represents a water technology that is second-to-none.  This water technology has the potential to improve health in countless ways IF it is consumed. That’s the good news for consumers.  But what about all those businesses (the ones with a far-reaching voice) that could benefit from the technology but don’t give a hoot about improved health?  That’s where the spin comes in. If you want to market to businesses, keep in mind that they are much more inclined to embrace a strategy aka a spin that will grow their business than they’ll ever be over a specific product or service.  Just because you’re bedazzled doesn’t mean they will be too!

Just imagine if a business could be armed with press releases announcing their commitment to GO GREEN and they see their name in lights? What if the message was more about “we care about our community” or “we’re doing our part for the environment” than your (failed) attempt to get them to become bedazzled about your product too?  Imagine IF the business message read something like “we’re doing our part to keep our community beautiful – come in a for a free water refill instead of buying single-use bottles!”  Now that’s a great drawing card for any business…getting people in the door because of who they are and what they stand for!  It’s not about the water after all…it’s about the spin.

From beauty salons to banks and everything in between, businesses can only see the spin associated with a specific product or service if we spin it. Did you know that goodwill is priceless for a business and it’s the goodwill that leads the consumer to feel good about a business in the long run?  There’s no end to the goodwill marketing strategies that can benefit a business when you just learn how to spin. 

Though Living Larger represents the best water technology on the planet,  it’s the goodwill message…helping a business owner learn how to stand out from the sea of other business owners that compels us to wrap goodwill around the business instead of expecting “good water” to stand on its own.  Success comes down to the spin.

Living Larger Spins Services

Living Larger also represents a financial GPS system geared to give step by step instructions – a unique plan designed for each individual to lead them to become debt-free in a fraction of the time.  There are plenty of consumers standing in line for the financial GPS system the same as there are plenty of consumers willing to stand in line for water – but it’s the spin for business that will propel this service into the arms of other entrepreneurs/small businesses and it’s the spin that will blow this financial GPS system off the charts in terms of profitability. 

For instance, when we’re able to show people how to kick their debt to the curb in a fraction of the time and how to NOT pay tens of thousands of dollars in interest in the process,  don’t you think we’ve gotten their attention and earned their respect?  You better believe it!   So, as we introduce investment opportunities, real estate, health products or anything of value whatsoever, they’re compelled to tune in to our advice. On the other hand, when we’re introducing a product and we hear “I can’t afford it” – sometimes it comes down to value we haven’t added yet  – sometimes it comes down to an income too low to participate - but MOSTLY it comes down to them having too much debt to add even one more thing of value. It’s as natural as breathing to let them know we have a financial GPS that will not only help with debt but one that can help them budget the purchase price into the plan.

Other professionals like real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance reps, CPA’s, have a great opportunity to spin their services…all it takes is an open mind and just the right product or service!  INSTEAD of working so hard to extract money from the consumer, how about talking to them about how to reduce the debt instead?  I’m no rocket scientist, but I am a seasoned real estate pro, and I can tell you that if you’re smart enough to introduce a money-saving, debt reduction, financial GPS system to your client list, you’ll have them eating out of your hands and ready to listen to you the next time you’re ready to sell them on something else. 

It all comes down to the spin. 

Learn to spin and you’ll see the flood gates open!









 "The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord Almighty"  Haggai 2:8

If it all belongs to Him, why are we living as if it belongs to us?  Are you being a good Asset Manager?  How we perceive MONEY impacts every area of life!  It's time to BREAK THE CHAINS...for the love of God!