The Economy Is Soaring...And So Is The Debt...Will That Be Cash or Charge For You?

 Unemployment is down, the stock market is soaring, and consumer confidence is stronger than ever before.  In fact, Americans are so confident in the economy (and that steady flow of “milk and honey”) they're living as if there's no end to it and they’re borrowing more money than ever before!   U.S. household (consumer) debt just reached $14 TRILLION for the first time in our history.  Sadly, with all that abundance flowing “we the people” are busy CHARGING instead of CASHING in.

It’s all that (over) confidence about an endless supply of money that is drawing people into the consumer debt trap and its overspending that will lead to disaster for millions of people with just one little mishap in life.  A change in the housing market…a cash flow crunch…a lost job…a death or divorce…illness…so many things can lead to financial disaster unexpectedly and it’s only a matter of time for most people.  The trials WILL come to all of us, but it doesn’t have to lead to financial disaster with a changed mindset and a Master plan.

At a time when we should be taking advantage of a STRONG economy by REDUCING debt and building wealth, we can’t seem to “charge it” fast enough!  

Most people believe that the only way to eliminate debt is by making lots more money…but that’s not true.  Making more money is always the goal, but debt can be eliminated in record speed IF you understand how interest works…something your creditors don’t want you to know. 

The average person is paying upwards of 50% of every dollar they put toward debt in interest alone.  How can you realistically expect to get ahead if half of what you pay is interest?  The simple answer can’t.  The only thing that makes financial sense to get you out of debt without winning the lottery is to aggressively “attack” the interest you’re currently paying and then use that money to put toward the principal instead. 


Once you eliminate debt you can begin to build true wealth …not just paper wealth….wealth that will see you through retirement and any unexpected mishaps…wealth that can be passed along to the next generation.  That's what people USED to do before we began to rely a whole lot more on credit than we do on cash.

What’s it going to be for you? 

Will you keep believing that you need lots more money to pay off debt instead of embracing a better way? 

Will you keep carrying debt you don’t need to carry? 

The choice is yours....just don't say I didn't warn you.

God bless (and God help) America.


I found myself losing the popularity contest years ago when I warned people about the real estate market long before the bubble burst.  Even seasoned real estate professionals believed the market would climb forever even though common sense would tell them that wasn’t even on the realm of possibilities. They got caught off-guard along with their clients and customers and millions upon millions of people were financially destroyed all because the money came so easy and debt was king.

Our Nation is good shape economically but we sure can’t say the same for most of its citizens.  We’re sinking in debt and playing Russian roulette with our future - gambling on a perpetual flow of money and denying the possibilities of financial disaster brought on by just one little unexpected “mishap.”   We’re charging at record speed instead of cashing in on a fabulous economy.

“Living Larger” stands for living a life that’s larger than life in every imaginable way…from faith to finances.  We exist to help others live a life that's bigger and better than anything they could have imagined. Making “lots more money” is one thing – breaking the bondage of debt once-and-for-all is another.  If you want true wealth and true peace to go along with it, you need to rid yourself of debt as fast as you can…without winning the lottery. That’s what financial freedom looks like.

Living Larger is embracing a debt elimination platform that can show you the way to pay off your debt…including your mortgage…in as little as ½ to ¼ the time while saving you tens of thousands of dollars in interest.  This is not a new concept – other countries have used a similar concept for years!  This particular program has been in use in the USA for over a decade and billions of dollars of debt have been eliminated in that time.  I want to see you and me on the list of success stories.

I challenge you to get a free analysis of your financial picture (no account numbers or SS # required) so that you can determine the exact month and year you can pay off all your debt.  How freeing would that be?  People I know and love with hundreds of thousands in debt are on track to be completely debt free inside of 7 years!  My favorite analysis results so far are for my daughter - she is now on track in 3.7 years including her mortgage.  Why would Living Larger NOT be behind something so powerful and life changing?  

IF you like the idea of financial freedom without winning the lottery reach out to me for more information/a financial analysis at [email protected] – I’ll put you in touch with an expert that will help you see exactly when you can schedule your freedom celebration party.

It should go without saying that I wouldn’t put my name on it if it wasn’t reputable and proven. 

Just do it! 

Freedom could be just around the corner for you too!

Next stop:  Wealth Building!















 "The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord Almighty"  Haggai 2:8

If it all belongs to Him, why are we living as if it belongs to us?  Are you being a good Asset Manager?  How we perceive MONEY impacts every area of life!  It's time to BREAK THE CHAINS...for the love of God!